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New Single – “Window”

Posted on June 28, 2020

Window, released by Swedish producer, songwriter/artist Sandra Vanna, is her long-awaited debut single. It’s chill and catchy, but at the same time, it has a serious vibe to it. The song is about a break up that was inevitable, but the sadness about losing someone close still has “heartbreak” written all over it.
The sound is 100% Sandra Vanna. Years in the studio tweaking sounds, writing lyrics, making art, Window is the result of one of many singles ready for release. This song is a little bit lightweight in sound and vibe, as Sandra describes it. But it’s a perfect start. It’s a ballad, but a bit up tempo. You can dance to it, but at the same time, it’s a “cry by myself song”.
Check out this tune and keep an eye out for more releases. They are coming, with a bang.

Window on Youtube
Window on Spotify
Window – Apple Music